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North Haven Reaches Sustainable Milestone


More than 400 appliances rerouted from waste stream to local non-profits

Fairbanks, AK. – A sustainable victory was achieved in March when North Haven surpassed 400 recycled appliances, with 300 of the appliances recycled in the past three months. North Haven is dedicated to incorporating social, economic and environmental sustainability initiatives into the fabric of the Fort Wainwright family housing neighborhoods, that will increase the quality of life for its residents and the surrounding communities, enhance community connectedness, and leave a legacy of leadership and enduring results far beyond the 50 year ground lease.

Soon after its inception in 2009, North Haven created a White Goods Reuse Program that continues to achieve excellent sustainable successes.  North Haven partnered with local organizations and philanthropic businesses and has rerouted more than 400 appliances from the waste stream, finding them homes with individuals in the surrounding communities. Mike Kondus, North Haven Environmental Development Manager commented, “We are delighted anytime we can reclaim and recycle materials.  A reuse initiative, like the White Goods Reuse Program we created with Fairbanks organizations, is to everyone’s advantage.”

The 2010-2011 renovations of 112 units in the Southern Cross neighborhood and the 2011-2012 demolition of 192 units in the Northern Lights neighborhood, produced a number of used appliances which were too old for North Haven to place in new units but were in good, working condition and available for reuse.  The refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and dishwashers were destined for the local landfill.  North Haven identified an inclusive, sustainable solution creating and implementing a White Goods Reuse Program that reached out to develop partnerships with local non-profit organizations which placed the used appliances in the homes of Alaskans that would not have otherwise been able to afford them. 

Three of the major recipients for the donated appliances have been Interior Regional Housing Authority (IRHA), The Salvation Army and the Fairbanks Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

IRHA provides affordable and sanitary housing for qualifying Native Alaskans and Native Americans in the Interior of Alaska, serving 43 Alaska Native tribes in 29 villages and Fairbanks.  The appliances donated to IRHA were immediately placed into client homes.  “Perhaps the next load will fill the needs of our clients,” said Darrell Greenway, warehouse manager for IRHA. While they were happy that their clients were able to use the appliances as soon as they were donated, IRHA Planning and Business Development Manager, Tiffany Sweetsir said, “We look forward to the day when we can build up a stock of these appliances in our warehouse and are able to meet client needs as they arise.” 

The Salvation Army has experienced similar success selling the used appliances in their thrift store.  “The need for used appliances is especially high right now.  They are flying out of the store,” said Larry Mazzillo, Warehouse Supervisor for The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army uses the thrift store to not only provide low cost access to used appliances, but uses the operating store and funds generated from sales to fund job skills training and meet human needs in the Fairbanks community.  

At times the number of salvaged appliances available was so great, that the non-profit organizations were not able to move them all.  North Haven reached out to form partnerships with local philanthropic businesses.  MacCheyne’s Carpet Plus and Vision International Inc. donated labor totaling more than 200 man hours and in addition, donated trucks to transport the appliances from the North Haven neighborhoods to the non-profits. 

North Haven is committed to engaging its stakeholders, enriching lives and being a good neighbor.  Taylor Tilman, President of the Fairbanks Chapter of the NAACP noted, “Being able to send these appliances home with people who need them but can’t afford them is a very good thing.”  He added, “We are happy North Haven paired with us to make this good thing happen in Fairbanks.”

About North Haven

Through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, the U.S. Army formed a 50 year partnership with Lend Lease to finance, develop, build, renovate and maintain the posts 1,800 homes on Forts Wainwright and Greely.  The partnership is known as North Haven Communities.  North Haven is dedicated to creating welcoming, safe communities that positively influence the way our Service Members and their Families live.  North Haven is also committed to positively contributing to the local and regional economy by working with small businesses, relying on local resources and hiring local people.  North Haven adheres to best practices in safety, energy-efficient construction, and sustainability.

About Lend Lease

Lend Lease is a leading international property and infrastructure group. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and with circa 17,000 employees worldwide, the firm’s capabilities span the property and infrastructure spectrum.

In the US, Lend Lease’s public partnership business is the nation’s leader in public/private community development. With a focus on creating sustainable value, Lend Lease creates communities that regenerate our environment, enrich people’s lives and foster economic growth.  Lend Lease has worked extensively with the Department of Defense through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), a program that provides for the transfer of military housing assets to private sector companies. With over 40,000 residential units, 192 apartments and 8,000 hotel rooms in its portfolio, Lend Lease will finance, develop, build, renovate and operate these sites for at least 50 years. 

We create innovative and sustainable property solutions, forging partnerships and delivering maximum benefits to clients, investors and communities.  Safety is our number one priority and Lend Lease is committed to operating Incident & Injury Free wherever we have a presence.

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