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Lt. Gov. Celebrates Arctic Health and Culture at Winter Games


March 5, 2012, Whitehorse, Yukon – A commitment to promoting health and celebrating cultural exchange in the Arctic brought Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell to Whitehorse, Yukon this week during the Arctic Winter Games.

Lt. Gov. Treadwell attended last night’s opening ceremony gala at the Canada Winter Games Centre and met with athletes from all over Alaska during the first competitions today. 

Also, at a meeting this morning with Canadian government ministers and regional officials from around the circumpolar north, Lt. Gov. Treadwell praised the Arctic Winter Games for promoting a culture of athleticism and fitness. 

“It is exciting to see over 2,000 young Arctic athletes and volunteers come together to celebrate their athletic skills and our common northern heritage,” Treadwell said.  “I’m especially proud of how the members of Team Alaska are representing our home state with honor, integrity, and strength.”

Treadwell discussed how future Arctic Winter Games events could mesh with efforts in the Arctic Council, the University of the Arctic and the International Union for Circumpolar Health to support better public health results in the north.

Treadwell also briefed officials on Alaska’s efforts to prepare for hosting the Games in Fairbanks in 2014.  A 26-member host committee from Fairbanks made the journey to Whitehorse this year to prepare for Alaska’s upcoming role as host.

The Arctic Winter Games is a biennial gathering of teams from Arctic regions including Alaska, Alberta North, Greenland, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Nunavik Quebec, Yukon, Team Yamal from Russia, and Team Sápmi, composed of representatives from Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Teams compete in over 20 different indoor and outdoor Arctic sports.

Team Alaska includes over 200 athletes and coaches from around the state.

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