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House Votes to Keep Kids Safe From New Nicotine Products (HB 224)


HB 224 makes it a violation to sell minors nicotine items marketed like candy

Monday, March 12, 2012, Juneau, Alaska – New nicotine delivery products marketed towards minors, like candy-style mints and lozenges, would be added to the list of banned tobacco products that can’t be sold to minors under a bill passed by the Alaska House today.

House Bill 224, sponsored by Resources Committee Co-chair Paul Seaton, would make it a violation for anyone to give or sell a product containing nicotine to a minor, which would carry a proposed fine of $300.

“We realized during a legislative hearing last year on dissolvable tobacco products that there are more and more new items that deliver nicotine, not just the traditional cigar, cigarette and smokeless tobacco. We have these protections on traditional tobacco products in place and cannot leave this new line or market segment unregulated,” Seaton, R-Homer, said.

Seaton said the bill doesn’t cover tobacco cessation products like nicotine gum or patches that are provided by a healthcare professional or given by a parent or guardian. State-authorized cessation programs are also exempted.

HB 224 now moves to the Alaska Senate for consideration.

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