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House Approves Historic In-State Gasline Bill (HB 9)


HB 9 sponsors comment on passage of bill to help AGDC get to Open Season

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Juneau, Alaska – The prime sponsors of House Bill 9 released the following statements today after the Alaska House passed a bill, 27-12, to help the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation advance its proposed Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline towards an open season, furthering the project’s development.

House Speaker Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski

“Getting gas to Alaskans to power their homes and businesses has been a dream of generations of Alaskans, and the House took a big step toward finally making that dream a reality tonight. And for that I’m thankful.

“We’ve taken great pains to work with legislators and AGDC on ways to build off the framework within the AGDC Preliminary Report and advance this project to open season. This is the only project currently underway that has a realistic and reasonable chance at completion, barring a significant change in events with the AGIA line.

“We’re advancing the line with this bill, empowering AGDC to do the work necessary, while making sure all reasonable steps are being taken to safeguard Alaska’s interests and deliver cost-effective, low-cost and reliable energy to significant portion of our state’s population.

“I’m from the Cook Inlet. I own a home and a business there, and I wouldn’t be pushing this bill today if I felt one bit that it would jeopardize development and exploration there. House Bill 9 will help Cook Inlet communities, who will for the foreseeable future have to guard against rolling brown-outs and threats to their gas supply. HB 9 is a bridge to help make sure the entire Railbelt – and other parts of the state – can have a more secure and steady energy future.”

Rep. Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage

“I commend the vision and leadership taken by the House of Representatives in passing House Bill 9.

“The passage of HB 9 significantly advances the legislature’s efforts to get a gas pipeline project underway that finally makes Alaska’s North Slope natural gas available for Alaskans.  HB 9 empowers the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation to pursue an economically viable bullet line, or align the state’s interests under the umbrella of AGIA to develop a larger project.

“HB 9 provides important assurances to all Alaskans by mandating that AGDC shall construct or participate in natural gas pipelines for the purpose of making natural gas available to Fairbanks, Southcentral and other communities a the lowest rate possible.

“Alaska’s energy future is natural gas, and AGDC is the only project that is actually moving forward and making that future a reality."

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