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Greens Creek Exploratory Drilling to go Forward in Roadless


JUNEAU, Alaska– In a statement issued today, U.S. Forest Service Alaska Regional
Forester Beth Pendleton said an exploratory drilling project in an inventoried roadless area
on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska has been approved to go forward.

“The Forest Service has approved exploratory drilling in an inventoried roadless area for
the Greens Creek Mine,” said Pendleton. “This approval will allow Greens Creek to
continue drilling to locate additional resources that could extend the life of the mine.”

“Helicopters will transport the drilling rigs, no roads will be constructed or reconstructed
and site reclamation will be completed after drilling operations are done,” according to

The Greens Creek exploratory drilling will be conducted approximately 20 miles
southwest of Juneau within the Admiralty Island National Monument and the Greens
Creek Inventoried Roadless Area. The drilling will take place on 11 drill platform sites and
the total area affected by the drill pads is 1.25 acres.

NEPA analysis has been completed for this Greens Creek exploration.

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