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Capitol Notes March 17 – 23, 2012


In this issue:

  • Help Secure Alaska’s Economic Future – Testify MONDAY 
  • Legislative Committee Schedule

Help Secure Alaska’s Economic Future – Testify MONDAY


 What:  Senate Finance Committee members announced last night that they will be accepting public testimony for Senate Bill 192 early next week, relating to oil and gas production tax values.
Why: This week the Senate Finance Committee began hearings on SB 192 (CS SB 192/E).  You might recall, this is the version that incorporates a number of amendments added in less than 24 hours and then passed out of the Senate Resources Committee on March 3.  Unfortunately, the CS SB 192, does not make meaningful reform.
The top legislative priority for the Alaska Chamber during the 2012 session is meaningful oil tax reform.  Meaningful oil tax reform means making Alaska competitive among North American peers and globally.  Currently, CS SB 192 does not change the status quo, making meaningful reform.  
Please plan to testify Monday and encourage the Senate Finance Committee to change SB 192 into a bill that will make Alaska nationally and globally competitive and bring commitment of additional/new investment. 

It is important to understand that it does not matter whether the bill is a Senate Bill or a House bill as long as a bill THIS SESSION makes Alaska’s oil and gas competitive – securing Alaska’s economic future.  HB 110, the Governor's oil tax reform bill passed last year by the House, is the only oil tax reform bill that we know will increase investment in Alaska.  
When:  Monday
, March 19 at 9:00am & 1:00pm 
Where: The meeting will be held in the Capitol, Senate Finance Room 532.  
For those outside of Juneau, public testimony will be taken via teleconference at your local Legislative Information Office. For a complete list of statewide LIO's, click here  
Please keep testimony brief. Brevity is appreciated by members of the legislature and by those who testify. 
Talking Points:

  • Committee consultants have testified that CS SB 192 encourages a "harvest regime" and "inhibits the development of new projects and resources." (PFC energy presentation 3/15/12);
  • Changes proposed in CS SB192 do not improve Alaska's competitiveness ranking in the global market and still leave the state far above the regions that we compete with. (North Dakota, Texas and Alberta);
  • If this bill passes in its current form not only will it reduce the tax revenue to the state but it will not spur the needed new investment to reverse the pipeline decline; 
  •  Please make changes to CS SB 192 that make Alaska competitive quickly, this session, so Alaska can become competitive as soon as possible.

Committee Schedule  

The following list committee meetings addresses issues and bills important to Alaska Chamber members for the upcoming week.  For a complete list of bills visit the BASIS website. 
Most of these meetings are teleconferenced.  The legislature also streams meetings in the capitol.  You can check it out at http://www.alaskalegislature.tv/

If you would like to testify, it is best if you go through your local LIO office. 
If you are unable to go through your local LIO office, you must call the Chair of the Committee in which the bill is being heard for "authorization" and get off-net call in number. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Senate District O, House District 30 Constituent Meeting, 1:00 – 3:00PM
Who:               Senator Kevin Meyer and Representative Charisse Millett
What:              Meet and Greet
When:            Saturday, March 17, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Where:           Hanshew Middle School, 10121 Lake Otis Parkway, Multipurpose Room
For more information, please contact Christine Marasigan in Senator Meyer’s office at 907-465-4945.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Senate Finance – 9:00 AM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Public Testimony
Senate Finance – 1:00 PM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Public Testimony

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Finance – 9:00 AM
HB 9 In-State Gasline Development Corporation
Senate Finance– 9:00 AM         
SB 201 Oil & Gas Corporate Taxes (Companion Bill:  HB 328)
Senate Finance – 1:00 PM         
Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled
Senate Labor & Commerce – 1:30 PM
HB 168 Injunction Security:  Industry Operations

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Senate Finance – 9:00 AM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Industry Testimony
Senate Finance Room 532 – 1:00 PM
Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled
Senate Finance – 5:00PM – 7:00PM         
SB 160 – Capital Budget
Statewide Public Testimony

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senate Finance – 9:00 AM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Presentation by PFC Energy
Senate Finance – 1:00 PM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Presentation by PFC Energy

Friday, March 23, 2012

Senate Finance – 9:00 AM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Presentation by PFC Energy
Senate Finance – 1:00 PM
SB 192 – Oil and Gas Production Tax
Presentation by PFC Energy

Capitol Notes highlights opportunities for Alaska Chamber members to make the “voice of Alaska business” heard during the Alaska Legislative Session on priorities and issues important to Alaska Chamber members.
Review Alaska Chamber 2012 Priorities here and all Positions here. To see a list of legislation the Alaska Chamber currently supports or opposes, click here
Please note that this list can change weekly as legislation changes as it moves through the legislative process. 
For information about the Alaska Chamber’s legislative advocacy program, please call us at 907-278-2722.

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