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Arctic Ambitions: Commercial Development of the Arctic


It's a Two-Way Strait - Supply and Demand over the Next Decade

Anchorage, Alaska, United States

May 2-3, 2012

World Trade Center Alaska and the Institute of the North invite you to participate in Arctic Ambitions, a conference focused on the development of - and markets for - key Arctic resources.

Hosted at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Anchorage, this conference promises to highlight the connections between international trade, Arctic policy issues and resource development.

The first day will concentrate on the theme of international trade and business opportunities that flow from development of resources in the Arctic. Working from a context of who stands to benefit most - which regions, countries, industries and companies - panel discussions will address issues such as supply chains, innovation, markets, commerce, and maritime and air transport. While policy and research inform the discussion, Arctic Ambitions will concentrate on global markets, international trade and decision-making.

Discussion will be framed by key Arctic exports; the conference will address the two-way nature of exports and imports in the Arctic. It's not just a question of what Arctic nations can develop and export - equally important is who has a market for those resources.

Local, national and international presenters, representing commercial and government interests, as well as export and import organizations.

On the next day, join us for a half day workshop focused on how to strengthen the relationships between Arctic resource development and outside markets. Recommendations from this session will be included in the Summary of Proceedings that will be made available online after the event.


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