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23rd Biennial Fairbanks Alaska Mining Conference: March 19-24, 2012


The Interior Mining Conference being held from March 19 -24 includes an array of learning opportunities for Alaska residents and miners.  

Of particular importance is a course on ANILCA. Governmental representatives and other experts will offer the course on March 19 at the Westmark Hotel, Fairbanks. Topics will include:

Alaska's land history

  • Key provisions of ANILCA
  • Exceptions in ANILCA by Congress to guarantee an Alaska lifestyle
  • Congress' intent
  • Hunting, fishing and trapping on federal lands
  • Access to inholdings in withdrawn lands
  • Navigable waters, submerged lands, RS2477 trails
  • Wilderness Act exceptions in ANILCA
  • ANILCA & the State of Alaska

The cost of this course is $350 and requires a $15 student conference registration if this is the only Convention activity attended.  Please register through the Fairbanks Chapter Registration website: 


or mail your application to:
Alaska Miners Association, PO Box 73069, Fairbanks, AK 99707.

Please Note: Registration for this course will be held open until March 12. Failure to acquire a minimum number of participants by that date will result in cancellation.  Additional information can be found at. www.arcticminers.org

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