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Weekly Petroleum Status Report Revision


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Weekly Petroleum Status Report Revision

Recently, EIA discovered a miscalculation in Table 1 of the Weekly Petroleum Status Report.   Starting with the data for the week ending June 4, 2010 (with the adoption of the new methodology and presentation of the weekly data), Line 25 (Adjustment) of Table 1 (U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet) erroneously included the adjustment for fuel ethanol and motor gasoline blending components. This adjustment was already accounted for in the total production balance, causing Line 26 (Total Product Supplied) and Line 32 (Other Oils Product Supplied) to be misstated by the amount of the Finished Motor Gasoline Adjustment (found on Table 2).

Beginning with the data for the week ending March 4, 2011, Line 25 will only include the adjustment for hydrogen and other hydrocarbon production as noted in the Table 1 footnotes. Historical data for these series will be revised on the website in the coming weeks.

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