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This Week at EIA - 03/03/2011


2011 EIA Energy Conference, April 26 & 27, 2011.
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THIS WEEK AT EIA (02/24/2011 - 03/03/2011) This email list provides a summary and links for every U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) product released this week. You can sign up for many of these separately and receive instant notification of when the product was released at: http://www.eia.gov/listserv_signup.html?src=email
REGULARLY SCHEDULED WEEKLY RELEASES: Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices (2/28/2011)
Presents average retail gasoline prices at the national and regional levels, and for selected cities and States, based on an EIA survey conducted each Monday of approximately 900 retail outlets.

Weekly Highway Diesel Prices (2/28/2011)
Contains a 53-week history of weekly retail on-highway diesel fuel prices for the U.S., 8 regions, and the State of California.

The Coal News and Markets Report for week ended 2/25/2011 (2/28/2011)
Contains information for the week and spot prices:

This Week in Petroleum (3/2/2011)
Provides analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Data for Week Ending 2/25/2011 (3/2/2011)
Contains timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (3/3/2011)
Contains weekly estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the United States and three regions of the United States.

Natural Gas Weekly Update (3/3/2011)
Contains weekly updates of natural gas market prices, latest storage level estimates, recent lower 48 NOAA weather data, and other market activity or events.

Coal Production for Week Ended 2/26/2011 (3/3/2011)
Contains an overview of U.S. weekly coal production.

OTHER RELEASES THIS WEEK: Petroleum Marketing Monthly (03/01/2011)
This issue includes preliminary 2010 averages calculated for the crude oil prices and summary statistics tables. Preliminary 2010 annual average prices for crude oil and finished petroleum products show significant gains from 2009 levels. In monthly data, December 2010 crude oil prices continue to rise. December gasoline and distillate price data show increases in all categories of sales for the third month in a row. As of December 1st, all on-highway diesel must be ultra low-sulfur. U.S.-level data covering finished products sold for final consumption show a slight increase in gasoline sales, while sales of distillates show a larger month-on-month rise.

Monthly Natural Gas Gross Production Report (02/28/2011)
Monthly natural gas gross withdrawals estimated from data collected on Form EIA-914 (Monthly Natural Gas Production Report) for Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Other States and Lower 48 States. Alaska data are from the State of Alaska and included to obtain a U.S. Total.

Fuel Oil and Kerosene Sales 2009 (02/28/2011)
In 2009, overall sales of fuel oil and kerosene fell sharply from 66.8 billion gallons to 59.7 billion gallons. The drop of 7.1 billion gallons (10.6 percent) from the level set in 2008 is the second largest drop in combined sales on record, resulting in the lowest combined total since data were first collected in 1984. Distillate sales decreased by 5.5 billion gallons, slipping to 52.7 billion gallons, the lowest total since 1995. Residual fuel oil sales fell by almost 1.6 billion gallons below the level attained in 2008 to 6.7 billion gallons. Kerosene sales reversed a downward trend and increased 18.7 percent to 259.6 million gallons, but still the second lowest level in more than 26 years.

In 2009, sales of residual fuel oil accounted for 11.2 percent of total fuel oil and kerosene sales, the lowest share of the total since EIA began publishing data. The large drop in sales of residual fuel oil resulted in distillate fuel oil sales accounting for 88.3 percent of total sales, exceeding the previous highest share of total sales set in 2008, when distillate sales accounted for 87.3 percent of total fuel oil and kerosene sales. Sales of kerosene made up just 0.4 percent of total sales, compared to 0.3 percent in 2008.

Natural Gas Monthly (02/28/2011)
The February issue of the NGM, featuring data for December 2010, is now available. Natural gas consumption in the United States totaled 2,725 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for the month, up 757 Bcf (38.5 percent) from November 2010 and 241 Bcf (9.7 percent) above the year-ago level. The increase was primarily driven by colder than normal temperatures in many regions of the country, as natural gas home customer-weighted heating degree days were 8 percent above the historical December average for the lower 48 States. For the year, the preliminary domestic natural gas consumption estimate was a record-high 24,134 Bcf, an increase of 1,295 Bcf (5.7 percent) over the 2009 total.

Monthly Energy Review (02/28/2011)
Preliminary data show that U.S. net imports of energy totaled 1.6 quadrillion Btu in November 2010, a 10% decrease from November 2009.

Performance Profiles of Major Energy Producers 2009 (02/25/2011)
Performance Profiles reviews financial and operating data for 2009 and discusses important trends and emerging issues relevant to U.S. energy company operations.

Company Level Imports (02/25/2011)
Imports data at the company level collected from the EIA-814 Monthly Imports Report.

Libya Country Analysis Brief (02/25/2011)
Libya is a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the country's economy relies heavily on hydrocarbon exports. For an analysis of Libyas energy sector, please see our updated Country Analysis Brief.

Petroleum Supply Monthly (02/25/2011)
Supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products on a national and regional level. The data series describe production, imports and exports, movements and inventories.

Wholesale Market Data (02/24/2011)
This site contains spreadsheets with wholesale electricity price data from ICE (IntercontinentalExchange) through February 18, 2011 (latest web site update: February 24, 2011). The files contain peak prices, volumes, and the number of transactions at six electricity trading hubs covering most regions of the United States.


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