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Testify Thursday, March 24 - No Oil. No Jobs. No Future. NO WAY!


Message from the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

Tomorrow (Thursday), there will be a hearing from 5-8 pm for one of the Alaska Chamber's three top priorities:  Governor Parnell's bill to improve the investment climate in Alaska by lowering taxes on the oil industry.   Despite this being the priority of nearly many Alaska Chamber members and that of most state business associations, legislators are not hearing from enough people voicing their support.

Let's get it started.  Don't think someone else is going to show up to show their support... we're all busy trying to make our economy work, but we must stop and communicate with our policymakers what we intuitively know and do daily - sucessesful businesses, growing our economy, ensuring a future for our families.  We can't do it with our hands tied behind our back.

Please take the time to go to your local Legislative Information Office on Thursday at 5 pm and provide testimony in support of HB110.  This bill will work to increase throughput in the Trans Alaska Pipeline and make Alaska more competitive. As you know, TAPS is two-thirds empty and throughput continues to decrease at a rapid rate. This alarming trend mustbe stopped or the pipeline could be out of operation in the next 10 years!

Imagine Alaska's economy without the oil industry.  New taxes would likely be placed on every family and business in Alaska, from mining to fishing to tourism to logging just to pay for our government.  Think about the jobs we'd lose too--nearly 50% of our state's jobs are closely tied to the oil industry.  That means if you're in retail or a service industry - your customer base will shrink along with their available dollars to spend!  We can't let this happen.

We need your involvement.  Your testimony WILL make an impact.  For points to include in your testimony, you can see our most recent Business to Business newsletter inside this week's Alaska Journal of Commerce publication.  Talking points can also be found at RDC's website at:



If you are not able to provide testimony, we ask that you please send an email supporting HB110 to all of the members of the Finance Committee listed below.  Please also send copies to the Alaska Chamber so we know who plans to testify.













Our state's economic future is in jeopardy.  Your participation in this hearing is critical to our future, and most importantly, our children's future.

Thank you!

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