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Redistricting Data Advisory: 2010 Census Population Analysis of Current Alaska House Districts


What: Today, after receiving its 2010 Census redistricting data package from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Alaska Redistricting Board released a spreadsheet containing new population counts for current Alaska house districts.

Included in the spreadsheet is a numerical and percentage analysis that compares each district's total population to the ideal district size of 17,755*. 

*The ideal district size is calculated by dividing the state's total population (710,231) by the total number of Alaska house districts (40).

Where: The spreadsheet is available for download at <http://www.akredistricting.org/Files/Alaska%20House%20Districts_2002%20Census%20vs.%202010%20Census.pdf>.

The Alaska Redistricting Board is responsible for redrawing Alaska's legislative election districts every ten years after the federal Census.  For more information about the redistricting process in Alaska, please visit www.akredistricting.org.

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