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Recent House Bill Activity 03-21-11


Bill Activity for Mar. 21, 2011
As of: 12:00:01 pm Alaska Time

HB 13 : Workers' Compensation: Medical Fees
* House Majority Legislation
Sponsored by Rep. Kurt Olson
An Act relating to fees and charges for medical treatment or services
as they relate to workers' compensation; and providing for an effective

Status: TRANSMITTED TO (S) >> (S) L&C
Contact: Konrad Jackson, 465-4954

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb13-40


HB 150 : Protection Of Vulnerable Adults/Minors
Sponsored by the Hou. Rules by Request of the Governor
An Act relating to the protection of property of persons under
disability and minors; relating to the crime of violating a protective
order concerning certain vulnerable persons; relating to aggravating
factors at sentencing for offenses concerning a victim 65 years or
older; relating to the protection of vulnerable adults; making
conforming amendments; amending Rules 12(h) and 45(a), Alaska Rules of
Criminal Procedure, Rule 77, Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 17,
Alaska Rules of Probate Procedure, and Rule 9, Alaska Rules of
Administration; and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) JUD >> (H) FIN

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb150
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