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Lt. Governor Treadwell Heads Up Aerospace States Association


Emphasizes Importance of Aerospace and Aviation in Alaska

March 23, 2011, Washington, D.C – Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell was named chair of the Aerospace States Association (ASA) yesterday at their annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

“Aviation is part of Alaskans’ lives every day,” Lt. Governor Treadwell said during the meeting.  “82% of Alaska’s communities are not connected to a road system.  Aviation is our way of life here – whether it’s how we get our food, how we visit our families, or what we do for a living.”

Treadwell noted that the aerospace industry is the fifth largest contributor to Alaska’s gross state product, and provides 47,000 jobs in a state with a population of just around 700,000.

“But Alaska’s role in the aerospace industry goes beyond our state lines,” Treadwell said.  “The Anchorage International Airport System offers unmatched access to world markets.  Moreover, Alaska’s strategic position in the Arctic makes us tremendously important to national security.  We may be the Last Frontier, but we’re foremost in the global neighborhood.”

Treadwell mentioned the significance of the U.S. Army base Fort Greely in Fairbanks, AK, which has 26 missile-launch silos for live interceptor rockets, and the Kodiak Launch Complex, which launched a Minotaur rocket in the Space Test Program S-26 Mission last November.

Safety in the industry is of paramount importance, Treadwell said.  “With our partners in the University of Alaska, we are working on better mapping, and we created innovative tools to enable our navigators to fly safely.”

Treadwell and fellow members ASA will work to promote safety, education, workforce development, and national security in the aerospace industry.

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