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House Majority E-News for Mar 9, 2011 ANS Crude: $116.73 Henry Hub: $3.79


Bill Activity for Mar. 9, 2011
As of: 01:00:01 pm Alaska Time
HB 22 : No Cell Phone Use When Driving
Sponsored by Rep. Cathy Munoz, Rep. Bob Herron
An Act prohibiting the use of a cellular telephone when driving a motor
vehicle; and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) TRA >> (H) JUD
Contact: Kendra Kloster, 465-4712

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb22-34
HB 30 : Dedicated Transport Fund/Pub Transport
Sponsored by Rep. Peggy Wilson, Rep. Steve Thompson
An Act relating to the transportation infrastructure fund, to local
public transportation, to the municipal harbor facility grant fund, to
motor fuel taxes, to the motor vehicle registration fee, to driver's
license fees, to identification card fees, to the studded tire tax, to
the vehicle rental tax, and to other fees and taxes related to motor
vehicles; and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) TRA >> (H) FIN
Contact: Rebecca Rooney, 465-4858

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb30-53
HB 87 : Antitrust Violation Penalties
Sponsored by Rep. Kurt Olson, Rep. Lindsey Holmes
An Act relating to civil and criminal penalties for antitrust

Status: (H) L&C >> (H) JUD
Contact: Konrad Jackson, 465-4954

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb87-100
HB 92 : Lao Veterans License Plates
Sponsored by Rep. Pete Petersen
An Act relating to special request Lao veteran registration plates; and
providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) STA >> (H) FIN

Sponsor Statement: http://akdemocrats.org/rep_petersen/2011/01/23/bill-hb-92-lao-veteran-registration-plates/
HB 97 : Extend Invasive Plants Law
Sponsored by Rep. Craig Johnson
An Act extending a provision relating to noxious weeds, invasive
plants, and agricultural pest management and education; providing for
an effective date by repealing the effective date of sec. 2, ch. 102,
SLA 2008; and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) RES >> (H) FIN
Contact: Jeanne Ostnes, 465-6871

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb97-97
HB 108 : Appropriation: Operating Budget/ Loans/ Funds
Sponsored by the Hou. Rules by Request of the Governor
An Act making appropriations for the operating and loan program
expenses of state government and for certain programs, capitalizing
funds, amending appropriations, and making reappropriations; and
providing for an effective date.

Version: CSHB 108(FIN)
Status: (H) FIN >> 3RD RDG,3/10 CAL(H)

Sponsor Statement: http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_jrn_page.asp?session=27&bill=HB108&jrn=0057&hse=H
HB 109 : Appropriation: Mental Health Budget
Sponsored by the Hou. Rules by Request of the Governor
An Act making appropriations for the operating and capital expenses of
the state's integrated comprehensive mental health program; and
providing for an effective date.

Version: CSHB 109(FIN)
Status: (H) FIN >> 3RD RDG,3/10 CAL(H)

Sponsor Statement: http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_jrn_page.asp?session=27&bill=HB109&jrn=0058&hse=H
HB 126 : Omnibus Board Extensions
Sponsored by the Hou. Rules
An Act extending the termination dates of the Board of Nursing, the
Board of Dental Examiners, and the Board of Barbers and Hairdressers;
and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) FIN >> (H) RLS
Contact: Rena Delbridge, 465-4949

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb126-47
HB 164 : Insurance: Health Care & Other
Sponsored by the Hou. Labor & Com.
An Act relating to health care insurance, exemption of certain
insurers, reporting, notice, and record-keeping requirements for
insurers, biographical affidavits, qualifications of alien insurers
assuming ceded insurance, risk-based capital for insurers, insurance
holding companies, licensing, federal requirements for nonadmitted
insurers, surplus lines insurance, insurance fraud, life insurance
policies and annuity contracts, rate filings by health care insurers,
long-term care insurance, automobile service corporations, guaranty
fund deposits of a title insurer, joint title plants, fraternal benefit
societies, multiple employer welfare arrangements, hospital and medical
service corporations, health maintenance organizations, and alternate
forms of payment to policyholders; and providing for an effective

Status: (H) L&C >> (H) FIN
Hearing: (H) L&C 2011-03-09 3:15 PM
Contact: Konrad Jackson, 465-4954

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb164-98
HB 173 : Sport Fishing Guiding Services
Sponsored by the Hou. Fisheries
An Act amending the termination date of the licensing of sport fishing
operators and sport fishing guides; and providing for an effective

Status: (H) FSH >> (H) RES

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb173
HJR 19 : Urging Us To Ratify Law Of The Sea Treaty
Sponsored by
Urging the United States Senate to ratify the United Nations Convention
on the Law of the Sea.

Status: (H) EDT >> (H) RES

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hjr19

Bill Activity for Mar. 9, 2011
As of: 12:18:47 pm Alaska Time
HB 13 : Workers' Compensation: Medical Fees
Sponsored by Rep. Kurt Olson
An Act relating to fees and charges for medical treatment or services
as they relate to workers' compensation; and providing for an effective

Status: (H) FIN >> (H) RLS
Contact: Konrad Jackson, 465-4954

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb13-40
HB 18 : Alaska Public Gardens Day
Sponsored by Rep. Beth Kerttula
An Act establishing Alaska Public Gardens Day on the Saturday
immediately preceding Memorial Day each year.

Status: (H) STA >> (H) RLS

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hb18
HJR 4 : Constitutional Am.: Transportation Fund
Sponsored by Rep. Peggy Wilson, Rep. Steve Thompson
Proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Alaska
creating a transportation infrastructure fund.

Status: (H) TRA >> (H) JUD
Contact: Rebecca Rooney, 465-4858

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hjr4-52

Audio 1-2 : Today's two audio actualities feature reaction to Alaska
Supreme Court Chief Justice Walter Carpeneti's State of the Judiciary
address. House Judiciary Committee Vice-Chair Steve Thompson,
R-Fairbanks, speaks about his receptiveness to hearing and seeing more
positive aspects of the court system, and its partnerships or prison
programs like Project PACE, which he says he'd like to see implemented
in Fairbanks. The Mayor says he's working on drafting a bill on the

Rep. Wes Keller, a Judiciary Committee member and Chair of the Health
& Social Services Committee, speaks about the Chief Justice's comments
on civic education and engagement, specifically through iCivics, which
was created by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Keller has introduced a bill, HB 5, to add a constitutional history
component to school curriculum statewide.




Bill Activity for Mar. 9, 2011
As of: 11:00:01 am Alaska Time
HJR 11 : Opposing ANWR Wilderness Designation
Sponsored by Rep. Charisse Millett
Urging the United States Congress to refrain from passing legislation
that designates land in Area 1002 of the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge as wilderness.

Status: (S) RES >> (S) RLS

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=27hjr11

House Majority E-News for Mar 8, 2011

ANS Crude: $117.37 Henry Hub: $3.83


Co-Chairs Announce New Veterans Caucus Staff Hire

(Juneau) - The Alaska Legislature's Veterans Caucus Co-Chairs today
formally announced the hiring of a new staff liaison. Aaron Schroeder,
a former U.S. Army Captain, takes over the position staffing the
bipartisan and bicameral caucus ...

"I think it's very important that we continue to take care of our
veterans and the Veterans Service Officers who look out for them,"
House Co-Chair Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Haines, said. "Captain Schroeder is
a combat veteran who's received high marks for his service and
dedication, and we look forward to him bringing those leadership
traits to the Legislature on our issues."

The full text and audio of this release can be found below:



POTD: "Back on the Record"

This photo is from the House Finance Committee, which amended the
Governor's proposed Fiscal Year 2012 operating budget bills today. The
bills, HB 108 - the statewide operating budget, and HB 109 - the
mental health operating budget, are expected to be passed out of the
committee later this evening, and on to the Rules Committee for
scheduling a vote on the House floor. The Committee initially cut some
$29-million ($20-million in general funds) from the Governor's
$9-billion proposal, though Amendment #1, which carried separate
sections deleting or adding funding, has yet to be added into the

House Finance Committee Co-Chair Bill Thomas, R-Haines, looks towards
committee staffers Christine Marie and Bree Simpson before gaveling
today's meeting back to order after a brief at ease to distribute an
amendment. The committee acted on three amendments to the governor's
proposed FY2012 statewide and mental health operating budget bills, HB
108 and HB 109. The committee will work tonight to pass the bill, as
amended, on to the House Rules Committee for scheduling a floor vote
some time later this week.



Audio: Actualities come courtesy of the House Special Committee on
Energy Co-Chairs, Reps. Lance Pruitt, R-Anchorage, and Neal Foster,
D-Nome. Their committee today passed House Bill 103, the AK Energy
Authority/Power Project bill. HB 103 would allow the agency to own and
operate a large power project, like the proposed Susitna Hydro Dam.
The committee voted unanimously to advance the bill to the Finance
committee as amended.

Co-Chair Foster speaks about the hearing process for HB 103, which
lasted the first six weeks of the 27th Legislature's first session,
and the bill's potential to help the state meet its renewable energy


Co-Chair Pruitt speaks about how the bill fits in with the Majority's
guiding principle of Access to Affordable Energy and the statewide
energy policy passed by the 26th Alaska Legislature.


Support documents for HB 103 are available at:


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