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Guide emphasizes constant analysis of business strategies to maintain success


Parbatee Chang shows businesses how to improve and revise procedures to achieve success in "Strategic Audits: A Necessity for Transforming Business"

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (MMD Newswire) March 9, 2011 -- For business owners looking to transform or grow their enterprise into a more profitable experience, Parbatee Chang's "Strategic Audits: A Necessity for Transforming Business" (ISBN 1453804684) shows CEOS, managers, employees and business students how to effectively run a strategic audit to create a more profitable and successful business.

Chang identifies key issues that organizations should analyze in order to improve their levels of productivity, profits and success. Companies must extensively investigate and evaluate the corporate and functional areas of their current situation, argues Chang, and businesses can create a specific plan to change or improve current procedures once this analysis is complete.

"As long as businesses have employees, plan to recruit employees or have a location outside of their home for business, they will find the details of strategic audits in this book very useful," Chang says.

The book points out that even successful business owners should take notice: the struggle to maintain success, after all, is a constant battle. And while some strategies may be effective for certain businesses right now, there is no guarantee that the same strategies will work tomorrow. In fact, during a declining economy, businesses must regularly rely on strategic audit procedures to improve business protocols, Chang explains.

Chang does not channel her strategic audit procedures to strictly one type of business; her tips and techniques have worked for all types. The strategic audit process is one of the most beneficial and effective ways to transform or improve operations. Whether you are the CEO of the world's most profitable organization or a business student starting your own business with little financial support, Chang's tips on strategic auditing will help your business sustain and even grow in this downward economy.

About the Author
Parbatee Chang is an experienced quality assurance and organizational improvement consultant who has worked with hundreds of enterprises to improve and grow their businesses. She has developed and presented many training programs and has experience in managing change, strategic planning, business planning, quality management systems auditing, standardization, international trade and consulting. Chang's years of experience and master's dissertation laid the foundation for this guide.
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