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DOT&PF Celebrates Weights and Measures Week


Consistent measurement is vital to Alaska commerce

What do your local grocery store, the corner gas station and the airport check-in counters have in common? The answer would be that they all use commercial weighing and measuring devices tested every year by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF), Division of Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (DMS&CVE).

March 1-7 is National Weights and Measures Week, a time to recognize how vital consistent measurement standards are to commerce.  When you purchase a pound of apples at the grocery store or a gallon of gas at the pump you don't question if the weight or volume is accurate.  This is due to the quiet, but systematic, efforts of a small staff of Weights & Measures Inspectors who travel throughout Alaska to inspect the weighing and measuring devices that are used in commerce and trade.

The mission of the DOT&PF Division of Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is to provide equity in the marketplace. A system of weights and measures has been developed to set the standards. Division staff specifically:
  • Monitor how commodities are sold to assure compliance with regulations
  • Check prepackaged products to assure pricing is based on contents, not packaging
  • Test and inspect all types of scales used to weigh everything from spices to railroad cars
  • Test and inspect all types of fuel meters from the gas station to the refineries
  • Check shelf tags to ensure price accuracy at all retail stores
  • Investigate consumer complaints
  • Compile accurate data to aid prosecution of habitual offenders
"We ensure marketplace confidence and equitable trade," said Dan Breeden, DMS & CVE Director. "We recognize that consumer confidence is paramount for commerce and we are committed to fulfilling our mission."

For more information on DOT&PF Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement visit: http://www.dot.state.ak.us/mscve/main.cfm?go=index.

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