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CDC on Radiation Emergencies


CDC has a key role in protecting the public's health in an emergency involving the release of radiation that could harm people's health. This site provides information to help people protect themselves during and after such an event. It also provides information for professionals involved in planning for and responding to this type of emergency.

Bridging the Gaps: Public Health and
Radiation Emergency Preparedness
March 21-24, 2011

Crowne Plaza Ravinia Perimeter
Atlanta, Georgia

Visit the Conference Website > Basic Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Family in a Radiation Emergency If a radiation emergency happens near where people live or work, you can take immediate action to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others around you. This kind of emergency could be a dirty bomb or nuclear explosion, a nuclear power plant accident, or a transportation accident. These actions will protect people in a radiation emergency:

  • Get inside and stay inside an undamaged building.
  • If possible, shower and change into clean clothes.
  • Stay tuned to television or radio for updates and instructions.
Emergency workers and local officials are trained to respond to different types of situations and will give you specific instructions to keep you safe. For more information, please read Protecting Yourself and Family.

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