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Begich Statement on Military Action Against Libya


U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement today regarding the joint attack on Libya by the U.S. and its allies against Moammar Gadhafi and his forces:

"I join Alaskans and other Americans in my apprehension over a third military campaign involving our United States service members.

"Although I do not support Gadhafi killing his own people, I have many concerns regarding U.S. involvement. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I will continue to monitor the situation and hold the Administration accountable for explaining the objective of the military campaign and other questions.

"Specifically, Congress needs to understand the risk involved to the lives of our service members, how long the Administration anticipates U.S. involvement, the impact of our involvement on our other national security priorities like Afghanistan, and what the ultimate objective is. Finally, the Administration needs to be straight with Congress and the American people about what the cost of this activity will be to American taxpayers. As the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Norton Schwartz, said last week at an Armed Services hearing in response to my question on this issue, 'nothing we do is for free.'

"At this point we all hope this campaign is short-lived and that it prevents Gadhafi from slaughtering the people of Libya. And I will hold President Obama to his word that no American ground troops will be sent in."
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