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Anchorage Chamber of Commerce supports Municipal and Anchorage School District Bond Propositions


Anchorage, AK- The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce supports several items on the Municipal 2011 ballot, including Anchorage School District and Municipality of Anchorage bond propositions.

The Anchorage Chamber board of directors recently voted to support Anchorage School District Bonds 1-3 and Municipality of Anchorage Propositions 4-8.

"The Municipal and Anchorage School District bond packages represent a prudent investment in taxpayer money to maintain the city's infrastructure, making important health and safety upgrades, and in some instances leverages matching State and Federal funds," said Anchorage Chamber president Sami Glascott.

Included in Anchorage School District bond proposition three are funds for 12 middle and high schools to increase vocational and trade education programs, as well as expanding construction academies.

"The Anchorage Chamber works to support local businesses," said Glascott. "A skilled and ready workforce is essential to a strong and vibrant local economy."

In addition, the Anchorage Chamber board voted to support Municipal Proposition 10, transferring downtown parking enforcement to a municipal agency and the Library's State Capital Request.

"These issues boil down to improving businesses' abilities to attract employees by investing Anchorage's quality of life and their ability to attract customers by increasing access to convenient Downtown parking," said Glascott.

All four resolutions in support of Anchorage School District bond propositions 1-3; Municipality of Anchorage propositions 4-8 and 10; and the Anchorage Library's State Capital Request are available at Anchoragechamber.org, and attached to this email.

The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization with nearly 1,200 members representing 70,000 employees. For businesses interested in membership, annual fees are based on the type of organization and number of full-time year-round employees. More information about the Anchorage Chamber is available at Anchoragechamber.org, or by calling 272-2401.

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