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Alaska DHSS: Current monitoring shows only normal background levels of radiation


Still no immediate or anticipated threat in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - Scientists working in the state of Alaska Public Health Laboratory in Anchorage continue to monitor levels of radiation in Alaska. To date, there have been no levels detected above normal background range.

Daily readings are available on-line at the EPA's website at: http://www.epa.gov/radiation/rert/radnet-anchorage-bg.html. Today's reading for the Anchorage monitor shows levels well within the normal background range.

Normal background range for the Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome, and Dutch Harbor sites may be different from the range in Anchorage and will be formulated once the monitors have been calibrated and regular readings are being received. Still, according to the EPA website, the levels displayed are thousands of times below any conservative level of concern.

Should the situation change, state officials will notify the public immediately through regular media channels and department websites. The state website for preparedness in the event of a radiological event is: http://www.hss.state.ak.us/prepared/radiological.htm.

Because there is no immediate or anticipated indication of harmful radiation reaching Alaska or its waters, all seafood and other food items produced in Alaska remain safe to consume.

For more information go to:

DHSS Section of Epidemiology bulletin:  http://www.epi.hss.state.ak.us/bulletins/docs/b2011_05.pdf

Alaska NOAA: http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: http://ptwc.weather.gov/

State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services: http://www.hss.state.ak.us/

DHS&EM's News and Events and Quick Links: http://www.ready.alaska.gov/

*Note: State public information officers are available to the media at any time for questions or additional information.

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