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UPDATE: Upper Yukon Tanana Wolf Control Program


Today will conclude a successful three day field operation in the ongoing Upper Yukon Tanana wolf control program.  This is the second season of department involvement in the ongoing effort initiated in 2005.  The program was designed to increase the size of the Fortymile Caribou Herd in accordance with a joint Alaska-Yukon caribou management plan.

Nine wolves were taken in the first two days of the operation.  ADF&G continues to coordinate with National Park Service (NPS) staff to minimize the impact of the program on a wolf study being conducted by NPS in the adjacent Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

During the operation ADF&G personnel mistakenly killed two wolves wearing NPS radio collars on state lands outside the Preserve.  A possible collar malfunction or other problems prevented staff from identifying the collared wolves.  Causes of the tracking problem are being investigated.  Two other wolves in the same pack that did not have radiocollars were also killed.

The program will resume with the next adequate snowfall in the area.  Up to 185 wolves will be taken from the range of the Fortymile Caribou Herd this winter.  Efforts will include those of trappers and hunters on the ground, aerial permittees, and ADF&G


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