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Small Businesses: Passage of Final Healthcare Reform a Job Well Done


Statement by John Arensmeyer, CEO, Small Business Majority March 25, 2010 Congress's passage today of final healthcare reform legislation is a turning point for America's 28 million small businesses. They can finally get some relief from excessive healthcare costs. They can finally refocus on innovating, producing and boosting the economy instead of worrying about health insurance. They can finally get back to business.  

The reform legislation signed into law by the president on March 23 addressed small business owners' top concerns-affordability and accessibility. The legislation passed today includes vital improvements to reform's overall framework-including more robust tax credits for individuals-that will help small business employees afford coverage.  

Small businesses have spent decades battling exorbitant premiums, discriminatory practices and outright injustices perpetrated by a broken healthcare system. The passage of comprehensive healthcare reform today means they will no longer have to fight those battles. Today was a good day for small businesses and America.    

Small Business Majority is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded and run by small business owners and focused on solving the biggest problem facing small businesses today: the skyrocketing cost of health coverage. We speak for the nearly 28 million Americans who are self-employed or own businesses of up to 100 employees. Our organization sponsors scientific research that guides us to understand and advocate on behalf of the interests of small businesses across the country.

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