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Right Place Rolfing Opens in Anchorage


Certified Rolfer Kara B. Imle offers innovative approach to bodywork for pain-free living

Kara B. Imle, Certified Rolfer™, has opened Right Place Rolfing in Anchorage. At Right Place Rolfing, Imle helps clients align their bodies by gently releasing restrictions that keep people from moving comfortably — tight hamstrings, "knots" in the neck and shoulders, rotations in the spinal vertebrae — anything that limits range of motion. Rolfing addresses many issues that hold us back, physical and otherwise. Clients commonly report better freedom of movement, freedom from pain, and a sense of being at home in their bodies.

The term "Rolfing" was coined for the name of its founder, Dr Ida Rolf. Rolf saw the human structure in terms of its relation to the field of gravity. If bodily structure is out alignment, then gravity works against it, creating further imbalance. The key to correcting these imbalances is working with the body's fascial layer. Fascia is the intrinsic wrapping that runs throughout every muscle and organ, and binds the body together. By working with this layer, muscles, bones, and even organs can be brought into better alignment with gravity so you move more easily, without being pulled down by structural imbalances.

Anyone can benefit from Rolfing — from the well-tuned athlete looking for that extra bit of speed, to the restaurant server who needs relief from a sore shoulder, to someone recovering from the physical and emotional effects of a car accident.

“At the tender age of 64, I'd never had a Rolfing treatment until last week,” said one client. “… My body felt great! None of the explanations and definitions can communicate how good it feels to release and relax muscles which have been tight for a long time. … The knee bends I demonstrated for her before the session hurt to do them. After the end of the hour, I could bend my knees pain free! I am looking forward to future sessions.”

Imle was raised in Kenai, Alaska, and came to Rolfing in 2003 due to chronic back pain and headaches. Her first Rolfer made those dissipate, and facilitated better posture, breathing, self-awareness and freedom of movement. Six years later, Imle became a Certified Rolfer with the goal of sharing this excitement and bodily awareness with others.

Sessions at Right Place Rolfing are available at Inner Dance Yoga Studio, 2610 Spenard Road, or at a home office in downtown Anchorage. Call (907) 229-1085 or e-mail rightplacerolfing@yahoo.com for booking. To learn more, please visit www.rightplacerolfing.com or become a fan on Facebook.
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