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Rep. Young Responds To Latest Administration Ploy To Restrict Offshore Drilling


March 31, 2010 - Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement today following the unveiling of the "Obama Moratorium":

"While I appreciate the President's seeming departure from his extreme environmental left supporters, all I'm seeing in this exploration 'plan' is smoke and mirrors," said Rep. Young.  "The President is saying all of the right things but actions speak much louder than words, and this new 'plan' is just a continuation of this Administration's inaction on making the United States energy independent; it will do nothing to end our dependence on foreign oil and nothing to end the export of billions of dollars we send overseas every year.

"He is essentially placing a moratorium on the Pacific Coast, delaying planned lease sales in Alaska, and subjecting previously studied areas to even more study , which is a waste of taxpayer time and dollars.  Additionally, anything open to leasing will also be open to the inevitable lawsuits that will follow today's announcement, so essentially we are back where we started.  Sixty-eight percent of the American people support expanded offshore drilling, and yet not one lease sale in an area previously under moratorium will occur during President Obama's term.  This plan closes more than it opens, and is a complete farce.  There is no question that this 'Obama Moratorium' will have dire impacts on the economic future of our country."
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