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Rep. Young Cosponsors Resolution To Stop National Energy Tax


March 2, 2010 - Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young today became a cosponsor for Republican Leadership's Resolution of Disapproval to put a stop to the Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to establish a backdoor national energy tax.  The resolution would prevent the implementation of job-killing regulations premised on the EPA's recent endangerment finding.

"The EPA has seriously overstepped its bounds and placed millions of American jobs at risk by trying to use the Clean Air Act to enact a national energy tax," said Rep. Young.  "Rural areas, which make up the majority of Alaska, and have some of the highest fuel costs in the country, would be hit the hardest.  It is nothing short of criminal.  As unemployment hovers around ten percent, implementing these regulations will only add to the problem by raising costs to consumers and shipping American jobs overseas.  The EPA's actions are clearly trying to pressure Congress into passing Cap and Tax legislation, only serving to cap our economy and tax away our freedoms.  They must be opposed."

Under the endangerment finding - and the regulatory and legal red tape that flow from this expansion of government into our economic lives - the pace of U.S. economic growth will be stifled by the EPA and its controversial enforcement of environmental laws.  In time, the new permitting and pollution control rules for these entities would potentially affect millions of very small sources of GHG emissions - office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, churches, farms and other small businesses.
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