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Rep. Young Comments On Government Takeover Of Health Care


Washington, D.C.Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement today following the passage of government mandated health care:

“Today is a bad day.  Today, the people’s House turned its back on the people.  Today, a bill was rammed down the throats of good Americans who trust us to preserve their freedoms and today, those freedoms were stifled.  Thousands gathered on the National Mall this weekend to let their voices be heard because they are scared.  They are scared that their liberties are being stomped on and they are scared of the government intrusion in their lives and they are right.  This Administration force-fed America a bill that will increase premiums while growing inefficient government bureaucracy by establishing nearly 160 new boards, commissions, and programs.  This bill doesn’t include real health care reform, it’s reform in name only.  What we passed is composed of ego and partisanship, and does nothing to help Alaskans and nothing to help our country.”

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