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Rep. Don Young's Washington Report, Health Care Edition


Washington D.C. Update

Health Care Edition

Rep. Young's Statement On The Passage Of The Government Takeover Of Health Care
"Today is a very bad day.  Today, the people’s House turned its back on the people.  Today, a bill was rammed down the throats of good Americans who trust us to preserve their freedoms and today, those freedoms were stifled..." 
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Rep. Young Take to the House floor to highlight Health Care Bill Language
To view video of Rep. Young speaking on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives Chamber on the convoluted language that comprises the health care bill, click here and here.

Rep. Young's Position on Health Care Reform

Americans deserve freedom and choice when it comes to their health.  The U.S. health care system remains the greatest in the world, possessing more qualified experts who generate more exciting medical breakthroughs than any other nation on earth.  The proposed bureaucracy, and potential elimination of free market forces, would quickly lead to rampant inefficiency and rising costs.  Meanwhile, with a scarcity of those capable of providing the care, more Americans would be left without a doctor.  Before we implement an enormous new federal program, we need to be sure that “new” is “better” and not just “different.”
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Op-Ed: House health care bill was bad for Alaskans
by Rep. Young
This Op-Ed appeared in the Anchorage Daily News on November 13, 2009
Like most Americans, I am worried about the health care crisis in our country. In Alaska, 17 percent of the population is uninsured. Some of these individuals work for small businesses that cannot afford to offer insurance like larger employers do; some make a conscious decision not to purchase insurance because they are young and healthy and do not want to spend the money on it; and others have just fallen through the cracks
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