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Multi Block Winners – BP World Ice Art Championship – 2010


March 9, 2010 (for pictures and web cams, visit  www.icealaska.com

The winners of the Multi Block BP World Ice Art Championships 2010 are:


1st - Saltwater Safari by Heather Brice, Steve Brice, Aaron Costic, Jeff Meyers

2nd - Attacking Claws by Junichi Nakamura, Kyoichi Yoshikawa, Koji Kareki, Shinichi Sawamura

3rd - Death Grip by An, Zhe,   An, Qi Feng,   An, Qi Ling,   Le, Hai


1st - Winds of Alaska by Vitaliy Lednev, Sergei Loginov

2nd - Blblblblblblbl.........bl by Samuel Girault, Robert Burkat, Michal Miqula, Zbigniew Palubiak

3rd - Kelly's WhitewaterPark by Jeff Weston, Danny Spangler, Jason Waldron, Mirva Valkama


4th Place - Moses: The Birth Of Freedom by Mario Amegee, Dean Murray, Chris Foltz, Victor Dagatan

5th Place - Competition In The Field by Wei, Tian Zuo,  Guan, Jia Fu,   Feng, Yan Long    Mu, Qun Li

6th Place - Child Protective Services by Burr Rasmussen, Clay Rasmussen, Roland De La Garza, Dan Rebholz

7th Place - There's No Place Like Om by Stacy Pearson, Joanna Flores, Jon Sanow, Jacob Harding




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