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Loophole Closed to Protect Disabled Public Safety Officers


(JUNEAU) – Alaska’s public safety employees who become disabled in the line of duty will not have to worry about medical coverage thanks to the efforts of Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage and the Parnell administration.

Representative Millett is the prime sponsor of House Bill 87. The bill would close a loophole in state statute preventing a public safety employee who becomes disabled on the job during their 20-25th year of employment from receiving major medical coverage until they turn 60 years old.

With only a month left in the session HB 87 was at risk of not passing. Representative Millett, public safety employee groups and the Alaska Department of Administration decided the best solution was to draft regulations to close the loophole so firefighters and law enforcement officers are protected.

“I want to thank Representative Millett for working so hard to protect the health and welfare of our public safety workers,” said Mark Drygas, President of the Alaska Professional Firefighters Association.  “Closing this loophole means the men and women who have devoted themselves to public safety will not have to worry about medical coverage if they ever become disabled in the line of duty.”

“Being a legislator isn’t just about passing bills and making speeches, what it’s really about is helping people,” said Rep. Millett. “This was one of my top priorities for the session and I’m proud we got the job done.”
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