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Legislature Approves Suicide Prevention Council Bill - Fairclough's HB 349


Fairclough’s HB 349 offers voting by teleconference for SPC members

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – The 26th Alaska State Legislature today passed House Bill 349, legislation allowing the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council to conduct meetings and hold votes via teleconference. Representative Anna Fairclough, R-Eagle River, sponsored the bill, which passed the Alaska State Senate unanimously. The State House unanimously passed the bill March 12.

“I am thankful my colleagues in the Legislature approved passage of the bill, which came at the request of the Council,” Fairclough said. “The last legislative audit showed they had issues establishing a quorum and attending to business, so this fix will allow them to better carry out their mission. It would be fitting for us to listen to the Council on matters like this. They provide a tremendous service to the state on trying to find ways to reduce the rates of suicide in Alaska.”

The 16-member Council serves an advisory role to the executive and legislative branches. They are tasked with examining ways to reduce suicide, pathways to better health and wellness of individuals, their families and communities affected by suicide. The Council presents annual reports, including findings and recommendations, every March.

HB 349 will now be engrossed and transmitted to the Governor for signature.

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