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House Majority E-News for Mar 10, 2010 ANS Crude: $80.34 Henry Hub: $4.44


Ft. Rousseau Boundary Fix Passes Legislature

(Juneau) - The Alaska State Senate today unanimously passed House
Bill 276, correcting the boundary of the Ft. Rousseau Causeway State
Historical Park.

"During such a busy session, I'm glad we were able to pass this
important fix so quickly," Wilson said. "This keeps the state on track
to receive necessary federal grants from the Federal Aviation
Administration to ensure continued airport funding. The park is a
historic part of Southeast Alaska, and we should support its

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House Acts To Proclaim April Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(Juneau) - The Alaska State House today unanimously passed House
Concurrent Resolution 20, which proclaims April 2010 as Sexual Assault
Awareness Month. Representative Anna Fairclough, R-Eagle River,
sponsored the resolution.

"In addition to spreading the message asking Alaskans to speak out
against this terrible crime, HCR 20 also recognizes the thoughtful,
diligent work people all over the state put in every day to help
victims," Fairclough said. "These individuals provide invaluable
services, making sure that victims have simple things that most of us
take for granted like someone to talk to or a safe place to go."

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Resources Approves Joint In-State Gasline Development Team Bill

(Juneau) - The House Resources Committee this evening passed their
committee substitute for House Bill 369, House Speaker Mike
Chenault's, R-Nikiski, proposal creating the Joint In-State Gasline
Development Team.

Speaker Chenault says he appreciates the work done by the committee
and agrees that the bill as it stands now still accomplishes his
original goal: to get an in-state gasline online by 2015. "The
Resources Committee identified areas of concern and made the bill
better," Speaker Chenault said. "I'm grateful for the work put in on
the bill, and look forward to seeing it work its way through the
process ..."

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Photo: Toddlers from the Discovery Pre-School walking back to their
classroom as the bells for the State House floor session were ringing
today at the Capitol. Legislators were more than happy to make way for
the group. Pictured at rear are Representatives Kurt Olson, R-Kenai,
and Berta Gardner, D-Anchorage. The pre-school opened in the
newly-renovated Thomas Stewart Legislative Office Building in
November, and has a contract to set aside class space to care for
children of legislators and staff members.

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