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House Majority E-News for Feb 26, 2010 ANS Crude: $78.91 Henry Hub: $4.75


House Encourages Anchorage Assembly to End I/M Program

(Juneau) - The Alaska State House today passed House Resolution 13,
which encourages the Anchorage Assembly to rescind its 2008 action
reinstating the Anchorage Vehicle Inspection and Management, or I/M,
Program. House Finance Committee Co-Chair Bill Stoltze,
R-Chugiak/Mat-Su, sponsored the resolution, which passed by a vote of
27 to 11 Wednesday. The resolution was not brought up for
reconsideration, thereby ensuring passage.

"The I/M program was put in place at a time when air quality concerns
in the South-central may have been more relevant. In the past,
identifying over-polluting or unmaintained cars was an effective way
to make a difference. But that time has passed, and the Assembly,
under different leadership in 2007, repealed the program. This
assembly should do the same thing," Stoltze said.


Johansen Urges Feds to Ease Transport Regulation

(Juneau) - This week, House Majority Leader Kyle Johansen,
R-Ketchikan, introduced House Joint Resolution 47, urging the federal
government to ease restrictions on small vessels, which are crucial
carriers to isolated communities and businesses in Alaska.

Federal law currently prohibits small vessels in Alaska to carry
fuel, cargo and passengers simultaneously, which Leader Johansen says
is unrealistic due to Alaska's unique geography. "There are places in
the state that are inaccessible by large barges and must be reached by
smaller vessels," Johansen said.


Gatto to Help Set Global Policy in Conference

(Juneau) - Representative Carl Gatto, R-Palmer, will participate in a
global governance roundtable at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Gatto was invited by Dr. Scott Borgerson, CFR's Visiting Fellow for
Ocean Governance. The event is led by Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski
and Mark Begich, and will focus on considering Alaska's role in
setting national Arctic policy and determining Alaska's response to
climate change. The agenda includes discussions regarding President
Obama's Interagency Policy Task Force, proposed federal legislation
affecting Arctic issues, state and local plans and private sector
initiatives that could have impact on Alaska.

"I go to conferences across the nation and hear people advocating
policies that would devastate the Alaska way of life," Gatto said. "We
need to hear first-hand what these groups are selling and we need to
advance our own plans, before they get everything they want at our

Bill Activity for Feb. 26, 2010
As of: 05:00:01 pm Alaska Time
HB 315 : Public Accounting
Sponsored by the Hou. Labor & Com.
An Act relating to public accounting; and providing for an effective

Status: (H) RLS >> (H) CALENDAR 3/1
Contact: Jennifer Senette, 465-4530

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb315-317
HB 345 : Sam Schuyler Memorial Bridge
Sponsored by Rep. Jay Ramras
An Act designating the bridge to be built on the Dalton Highway at
approximately mile post 308 as the Sam Schuyler Memorial Bridge.

Status: (H) RLS >> (H) CALENDAR 03/01
Contact: Margaret Dowling, 465-6841

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb345-334
HJR 40 : Cook Inlet/Kachemak Beluga Population
Sponsored by Rep. Charisse Millett
Opposing the proposed designation by the National Marine Fisheries
Service of 3,000 square miles of upper Cook Inlet, the mid-inlet, all
of the inlet's western shores, and Kachemak Bay as critical habitat for
beluga whales.

Status: (H) RLS >> (H) CALENDAR 03/01

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr40

Bill Activity for Feb. 26, 2010
As of: 04:00:01 pm Alaska Time
HB 274 : Establishing Purple Heart Day
Sponsored by Rep. Dahlstrom, Rep. Gardner, Rep. Buch, Rep. Keller, Rep.
Petersen, Rep. Lynn, Rep. Gatto, Rep. Tuck, Rep. Doogan, Rep. Thomas,
Rep. Hawker, Rep. Guttenberg, Rep. Ramras, Rep. Fairclough, Rep.
Johnson, Rep. Millett, Rep. Herron
An Act establishing August 7 as Purple Heart Day.

Status: (S) RLS >> (S) CALENDAR 3/1
Contact: Laura Pierre, 465-3783

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb274-309

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