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Help Bring Ulta High-Speed Broadband to Anchorage- GoogiFi Anchorage!


AEDC Will Work for Economic Development Through Technology

"What Will You Work For......?"
Through a Request for Information process, communities across the country are vying for the title to become a beta site for "Google Fiber".  Google says on its web site that it is "planning to launch an experiment that we hope will make Internet access better and faster to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country."

Google claims its "networks will deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today, over 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections," and they say they'll offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.

"Google notes specifically its interest in how faster Internet can lead to development of next-generation applications and new deployment techniques. It says it's committed to openness and choice of multiple service providers. 

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan believes a positive response to the application submitted by the Municipality will result in negotiations that protect and enhance the responsible telecommunication companies who are already doing business in the state. In the last month, a volunteer team began meeting weekly at City Hall to help Anchorage submit its response by the March 26, 2010 deadline.

Approximately 40 people are actively working on responses to the technical questions posed by Google and to develop and execute a marketing campaign Some competing cities used creative ways to get Google's attention. Topeka, Kansas was renamed "Google" for the month of March. Duluth, MN issued a proclamation to name baby boys born in March, "Google Fiber". 

In its marketing campaign, the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) is attempting to capitalize on all that makes Anchorage truly wonderful and unique - focusing on the "Big Wild Life" and showcasing the community with its best foot forward.  The campaign theme, "Anchorage will work for it..." builds on those many wonderful things; tangentally, the campaign will highlight the interesting contradiction between isolation and connectivity. For example, Anchorage is far more remote than its Lower 48 neighbors, and the city's terrain is not only beautiful but offers interesting structural challenges that will help Google learn to operate more effectively and efficiently across the country. 

Opposite the idea of remoteness, Anchorage is more connected than many of its peers. According to an Anchorage EGov survey completed in 2007, 91.3% of households have at least one computer; 53.2% have more than one computer: and 87.4% have Internet access. 

Visit www.GoogiFiAK.com to see a video that has been produced to enthuse Anchorage residents and capture the heart of the marketing campaign. We are producing a video to be sent with our formal bid to Google that highlights the positive attributes of Anchorage as test site and will include public "Will Work For....." clips. I am writing you today to ask that you consider participating in our short video montage. We are looking to film as many people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible starting Thursday March 18. We would like them to answer one question "What will you work for.....?"

Please see this video for an example

If you are interested, please e-mail or call Ryan Makinster so we can schedule a time to visit you and film approximately 5 minutes of footage. This is your chance to let Google know how 100x current speed broadband would affect you and/or your business. Take a moment and let them know "Anchorage will work for bandwidth!" If you don't have time for a video, we would appreciate a letter of support.

Letters from across the community are requested to support the Municipality's efforts. To be effective, consider the following in your letter:
  • Mention your familiarity with Google's project.
  • Consider your unique capabilities, and highlight what 100-times faster Internet could do for you at work and at home. Be specific.
  • Provide an answer to what you (or your company) will do to "Work For It".
  • Share your enthusiasm for the project and feel free to get creative!
  • Provide contact information so that the MOA and/or Google can follow-up with you, should that be necessary.
  • Send an electronic copy of your letter to the MOA contact listed below.
Municipality of Anchorage
Stacy Schubert, Intergovernmental Affairs Director
Email: SchubertS@muni.orgPhone: (907) 343-7112

Economic Development Corporation
Ryan Makinster, Communications Director
Email: RMakinster@AEDCweb.comPhone: (907) 334-1204
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