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HB 315 Passes House, Heads to Senate


Bill paves way for CPAs to practice in Alaska with greater mobility

Tuesday, March 2, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – House Bill 315 unanimously passed the Alaska State House this week, allowing for better CPA mobility in the state

Under current law, Certified Public Accountants are barred from serving clients in Alaska without obtaining a license and registering with the Alaska State Board of Public Accountancy. HB 315 would change this rule in order to allow for CPA mobility, matching laws already on the books in forty-five states. This would ensure that CPAs and CPA firms can practice across state jurisdictions with greater ease, and keep Alaska’s CPAs nationally-competitive.

Bill sponsor Rep. Kurt Olson, R-Kenai, says the bill will improve the environment for accounting in Alaska. “This bill brings Alaska in line with the vast majority of states,” Olson said. “Such a change enhances the ability of Alaska accounting firms to attract and retain talent.”

The bill would also allow non-CPAs to have minority ownership in CPA firms. Current law states that only CPAs can own these types of firms. Alaska is one of only five states with that requirement. “This change puts Alaska CPA firms on equal footing with those firms practicing in Alaska under out-of-state-permits,” Olson said. “This bill will ensure that CPA firms are able to provide the best services to their clients and remain competitive with those firms operating under out-of-state permits.”

HB 315 also enhances the State Board of Public Accountancy’s ability to protect the public interest by allowing the Board to address violations of its standards. “The uniform disciplinary proceedings that this bill provides will allow the board to protect the public from any ‘bad apples’ in the profession,” Olson said.

HB 315 now heads to the Alaska State Senate for consideration.

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