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Candidate for Governor Bob Poe travels to Juneau and Petersburg to meet with Legislators about the All Alaska Gas Hub


JUNEAU, Alaska, -- Candidate for Governor Bob Poe will travel to Juneau and Petersburg this week to speak about his plan to develop an All Alaska Gas Hub in Fairbanks.  The plan unveiled by Poe last week "will get Alaska moving forward on a gas pipeline and avoid a paralyzing civil war between competing gas line concepts", Poe said.

Poe will travel to Juneau Wednesday where he is slated to meet with legislators - and after meetings in the Capitol, he will meet with supporters, interested public, and his campaign team at a reception open to the public at the Hangar Ballroom from 5:00 to 7:00. Afterwards he will be speaking to the Young Democrats at 7:30 at the historic Bergman Hotel.

On Thursday and Friday, Poe will be in Petersburg for Democratic Caucus meetings there, returning to Juneau on Friday afternoon. He will be attending the Democratic Party caucus in Juneau on Saturday.

Poe has received wide acclaim for his proposal to build the first 400 miles of the proposed gas pipeline: "Alaska needs a gas pipeline solution now that meets Alaska in-state gas needs, and allows for export of North Slope gas.  The State of Alaska should take the lead in building a large capacity gas pipeline from the North Slope to Fairbanks creating the All Alaska Gas Hub as a central connection point for multiple gas lines in Alaska similar to the Henry Hub in Louisiana," said Poe.

"There is no single issue that will have more impact on Alaska's Economic future, on in-state employment, on our kids' future, than energy security, Poe said.  He continued, "very soon Alaskans will be facing a real energy crisis.  Southcentral Alaska is literally running out of gas.  Rural and Interior Alaskans are paying crushingly high prices for energy."

"What's more, electric power generation up and down the Railbelt is at significant risk if new gas supplies don't become available as early as 2015," Poe said.

Under state law, gubernatorial candidates cannot fundraise in Juneau during the session, so campaign activities in the Capitol City will be limited to meeting with supporters, interested members of the public, and campaign organizers.
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