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Anchorage Goes To New Heights in Bid for Google Fiber-to-Home Project


Saturday March 20th, 2010- Anchorage recently stepped up their game in an effort to win the Google fiber-to-home RFI.  With help from Talkeetna Air Taxi, Googifi Anchorage, a group made up of volunteers and city officials, raised the GoogifiAK and Google flags over the Denali Base Camp. 

Denali, otherwise known as Mt. McKinley to people outside of Alaska, is the tallest peak in North America and base camp is the staging area for climbers attempting to summit this formidable obstacle.

Continuing the theme of "Anchorage will work for bandwidth," the group used this unique chance to show how far they are willing to go to win Google's favor. As one volunteer stated "Anchorage will climb any obstacle to help Google deploy its high speed, fiber-to-home project."

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