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Alaska State's “Cash for Appliance” Rebate Program Starts Tuesday, March 16


The wait is over! Alaska State's “Cash for Appliance” rebate program starts on Tuesday, March 16 and will be available until funds run out. Alaska residents with disabilities will have access to $658,000 in funds and up to $500 in rebates for ENERGY STAR (R)-qualified appliances. Inform your readers now! The rebate money is expected to go fast and you want to make sure you're prepared ahead of time to get the most cash back .

Sears stores throughout the state of Alaska will be fully staffed to help residents take advantage of rebates and local store managers and rebate experts are available for interviews. In addition, Sears Blue Appliance Crew rebate experts will be in stores statewide to assist shoppers with the rebate process. They will help shoppers through the entire process, including:
1.        Identify which products qualify for the rebates
2.        Fill out the necessary rebate forms
3.        Help customers submit the rebates for purchases made at Sears before they even leave the store

Sears will also provide updates on Sears.com/energystar, which now offers an interactive map, detailing Alaska's program. Sears’ online research center also enables Alaska residents to input their zip codes to track state-specific updates.

Furthermore, participants in Alaska are encouraged to recycle their old appliances and will need to self-certify that the old appliance is being replaced and will be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal requirements. As the only retailer to join forces with the Environmental Protection Agency to offer recycling through its Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program, Sears will remove customers’ old appliances and dispose of them in a responsible manner – helping customers receive larger rebates and the environment by reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases.

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