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Advanced Supply Chain International Delivers Significant Cost Savings in a Challenging Global Market


ANCHORAGE, Alaska, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), a global leader in supply chain management, was founded in 1999 to meet a rising demand for substantial cost savings in a difficult economic environment. Several of these fiscal issues have resurfaced in today's volatile business climate, yet ASCI continues to deliver dramatic cost savings to clients by directly addressing and overcoming these challenges.

During 2009, ASCI delivered, captured, and validated cost savings to several of its large customers that exceeded the total invoiced cost for those supply chain operations and software services. These savings occurred across a broad spectrum, from procurement savings, to inventory reductions and optimization, to freight cost savings, to cost avoidance through reuse of excess materials.

ASCI has spent over 10 years refining operating processes and software solutions that make each step of the supply chain highly efficient and cost effective. As such, prospective customers look to ASCI for major cost reductions and/or performance improvements. One such way ASCI meets this need is through a streamlined purchase order process. Typically, generating a purchase order costs a large company over $100. Considering a purchase order generally contains two or three line items for small-value materials, the total process cost per line can be more than the item costs in some cases. Through web based automation and other strategies, ASCI has addressed the problem by driving down PO process costs to less than $12 per item. This magnitude of cost reduction holds true for both domestic and international operations.

As with most companies today, ASCI is constantly challenged to reduce cost structures even further and become more efficient in their processes. ASCI recently reduced overhead cost structures and improved procurement processes to allow the handling of a substantial increase in volume with very little cost increase. ASCI is continually focused on generating internal cost savings through an improvement process that identifies potential efficiency gains and cost reduction opportunities.

"Even in these tough times, some companies are reluctant to make changes in how they conduct business as a result of business inertia," says ASCI President and COO Scott Hawkins, "However, we find that in the supply chain management field, large savings are available during every step of the process, adding literally millions, if not tens of millions, to a company's bottom line. A company just needs to be prepared to take the necessary steps and collaborate with a specialist like ASCI," Hawkins continues.

For more information, please visit www.ascillc.com.

About Advanced Supply Chain International
ASCI, a high-performance supply chain and asset management firm, delivers efficiency and impressive return on investment when no one else can. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, since 1999, ASCI has a strong reputation for safety, highly skilled personnel, and consistent adaptation to new challenges. By incorporating solid strategy, planning, and state-of-the-art technology, ASCI has become a global leader in the delivery of supply chain and asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries.

Source: Advanced Supply Chain International
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