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‘User Friendly DMV’ Law To Make Services Easier for Alaskans


SB206 streamlines DMV services more while strengthening licensing process for school bus drivers

ANCHORAGE-Today, Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 206, sponsored by Senator Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna), which contains several provisions to make the State’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) more efficient and convenient for Alaskans, while closing a loophole that put Alaska’s children in danger on their way to and from school.

“One of my missions as a legislator is to make life better for all Alaskans by streamlining government services and ensuring a focus on the customer.  Success in that realm means Alaskans will spend less time and money on government processes and more quality-of-life time with their families,” said Senator Micciche.  “The majority of Alaskans use DMV services regularly, which is why I felt that the department was a likely target for efficiency and customer service streamlining and modernization.”

SB206, which was passed by the Legislature unanimously, increases the efficiency of the DMV by encouraging Alaskans to renew vehicle registrations online by waiving the $10 service fee currently charged for renewals over the internet as well as allowing the division to use e-mail to notify Alaskans it is time to renew their registration.

“This bill is designed to lead toward a service environment where Alaskans will likely view and manage all accounts, transfers, driver’s license and registration renewals in one location through their MyAlaska or similar online account,” said Senator Micciche. 

Amy Erickson, Director of the Alaska DMV said, “Passage of SB 206 will vastly improve DMV's operations and make more online services available to Alaskans. More online services means shorter wait times for in person transactions. This is one step toward Senator Micciche's vision of the ‘DMV of the future.’ We're delighted to be part of his focus to streamline government.”

The legislation also changes current law to allow the DMV to receive accident reports from law enforcement agencies and drivers across the state electronically.

“This provision really provides many benefits,” said Senator Micciche.  “It reduces staff time and the wasting of paper for something that has to be shared across multiple agencies.   It also allows state troopers and police departments statewide immediate access to critical accident and incident reports.”

SB206 changes state laws governing the licensing process for school bus drivers and will protect kids across the state from people with inappropriate criminal records. The bill also requires the DMV to look for crimes from the last 10 years instead of the last two years.

“As we began investigating this issue, we were astounded to learn that people with very serious criminal records were permitted to transport our most precious cargo- our kids.  Protecting Alaska’s children is one of my highest priorities.  SB206 closes a loophole in current laws that placed our children in danger while being transported to and from school,” said Senator Micciche.  “I’d like to thank Governor Parnell and my legislative colleagues for their support in putting this law on the books.”

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