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Tree Trimming in Town Square Park


ANCHORAGE - On Thursday June 5, the Municipality of Anchorage will continue maintenance work to improve the safety, visibility and sight-lines in Town Square Park.

Five spruce trees in the southeast corner of the park will be pruned, removing the bottom limbs up to approximately the eye height of an average person.  This work will improve visibility into, out of, and within the park.  In addition, the work will make this area of the park, whose official open hours are 6 AM – 11 PM, less attractive to illegal, overnight campers. 

No trees will be removed.

“The safety of those enjoying Town Square Park is of upmost importance to me and the Municipality,” said John Rodda, the Parks & Recreation Director. “Better visibility of the park’s activities from the outside is a simple way to ease the problems being continually reported to the city by residents, visitors and guests, and local businesses.  We hope the public understands that the continued tree work is in the best interest of residents and visitors who use the park.   We want it to remain a beautiful space that everyone can enjoy and feel safe and secure.”

The Municipality of Anchorage has received a significant level of constituent concerns over the course of several years in regards to the dangers and bad behavior occurring in the park. The decision to manage vegetation to increase visibility into the park was overwhelmingly supported by the Kobuk Coffee House, the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, and the Performing Arts Center.

The Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department strives to maintain parks that are Clean & Green – Safe & Secure, a key goal to accomplish our mission is Taking Better Care of What We Have.

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