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State Energy Profiles —June 19, 2014


New March and April 2014 data for all states, 2012 data on consumption and expenditures, updated infrastructure lists, and revised analytical narratives for five states

State Energy Profiles has been updated with new monthly data.  The data include series for electricity, petroleum, and natural gas.  Activities covered by these series include prices, supply, and consumption.In addition, new annual data are provided for 10 seriescovering consumption and expenditures.  Three lists covering energy distribution –  petroleum ports, crude oil pipelines, and natural gas liquids pipelines –  have also been revised.

Analytical narratives have been updated with more current information for the five states in the Pacific Census division: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.  Users can learn state facts such as:

  • Alaska has the third-highest energy demand per person in the nation.
  • California is the top producer of electricity from geothermal energy.
  • Hawaii is the most petroleum-dependent state.
  • Oregon generates more than two-thirds of its electricity from renewable energy.
  • Washington accounts for over one-fourth of total U.S. net electricity generation from hydroelectric power.

State and Territory Energy Profiles provide Quick Facts and an analytical narrative for all 56 states and territories.In addition, the Profiles offer 89 key data series for all states, including state rankings for 10 of the series.  To view all 56 Profiles, visit the State Energy Profiles home page.

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