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Mayor Sullivan Presents Education Symposium Recommendations to University of Alaska Board of Regents


Today, Mayor Dan Sullivan met with the University of Alaska Board of Regents to present recommendations from an education symposium held on May 9th. The symposium discussed best practices in teacher preparation and was organized by Education Matters Inc., the nonprofit tasked with carrying out recommendations from the Mayor’s Education Summit.

The symposium hosted three deans from the University of Alaska's (UA) College and Schools of Education; decision makers from the Anchorage School District’s administration and school board; the State School Board; officials from the Department of Education and Early Development; NEA and AEA leaders; UA leaders; Anchorage teachers and principals and the Anchorage community.

Presentations were made by several guest speakers at the symposium. Dr. Dan Goldhaber, director of the Center for Education Data & Research, discussed research on the relationship between well-prepared teachers and student learning. Kate Walsh, president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, spoke about universities successfully preparing effective teachers. Dr. Charles Peck, with the University of Washington's Teacher Education program, shared his experience successfully transforming a teacher prep program.

Mayor Sullivan and Education Matters Inc. continue to work with top education experts and the community to advance learning in Anchorage. Teacher preparation is one of the primary topics being addressed in an effort to improve student success and today's presentation to the Board of Regents by Mayor Sullivan is a step towards that goal.

Mayor Sullivan said, “Education Matters Inc. is continuing its valuable community service by advancing the goals of the Education Summit. The symposium followed last year’s amazing presentations by Dr. Pasi Sahlberg, a former Finnish educator and scholar, and Dr. Ee-Ling Low from the Singapore Ministry of Education. I was pleased to share the symposium findings with the University of Alaska Board of Regents; this information will help lead to real improvement in teacher preparation and student performance.”

To view reports and event videos, visit the Education Matters, Inc website:www.anchorage-education.com

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