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Fairbanks Police Urge Parents To Caution Children About Marijuana Candy


The Fairbanks Police Department issued a statement yesterday calling for Fairbanks parents to educate children about the dangers of drug-laced candy, this according to the Associated Press. The announcement comes after Fairbanks police say an adult found a bag of medically prescribed candy laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and turned it in to the police.

Big Marijuana Big Mistake Vote No On 2 Spokesperson and Fairbanks resident Joe Byrnes said, “this is a wake-up call and underscores why we should not legalize concentrated marijuana products like candy and why it is imperative that Alaskans vote no on ballot measure 2.”

Ballot measure 2 opens the door not only for commercialized marijuana but also for THC-infused edibles that appeal to children and potent chemical concentrates that are hazardous to produce and use. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has brought increased health and public safety problems, and many Alaskans believe that it is too soon to make an informed decision.

“This dangerous candy found in Fairbanks is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things we will see if ballot measure 2 passes,” said Vote No On 2 Spokesperson Deborah Williams. “It is an extreme initiative that if passed, would introduce significant health and safety problems to Alaska.”

The Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police recently announced it sees significant risks and potential costs of $6 million or more to municipal police agencies if ballot measure 2 passes. The Republican Party has also voiced their opposition to this damaging initiative.

For more information, please visit www.bigmarijuanabigmistake.org

Big Marijuana. Big mistake. Vote no on 2 is an Alaska grassroots effort to protect our state from commercialized marijuana. Led by community members from around Alaska, the group works to defeat ballot measure 2 and educate the public about the social and economic costs of marijuana to Alaska families and communities.

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