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Congressman Young Comments on Massive Expansion of Oceans Monument


WASHINGTON, D.C.Alaskan Congressman Don Young today released this statement following the announcement by President Obama to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument by more than 8 times its current size through executive order:

“President Obama’s plan to close off giant swaths of the Pacific Ocean is a massive expansion of executive power that should not be tolerated,” said Congressman Don Young. “My concern is that this Administration has already made up its mind to expand this marine monument from 87,000 square miles to more than 782,000 square miles without proper input and consultation from those who utilize the area for economic potentials like fishing, recreation, and responsible energy production. To put that in perspective, this is the equivalent of closing an area 1.2 times the size of the state of Alaska to any sort of reasonable use or activity."

“Rather than continuing this ‘go at it alone approach’, which has increasingly pushed the limits of the Executive Branch, the President and his Administration must work with Congress in order to maintain an open and transparent process, and ensure the interests of all Americans are represented, not just President Obama’s environmentalist friends.”

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