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Begich Statement on Today’s Successful GMD Test


U.S. Senator Mark Begich released the following statement in response to today’s test of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system:

“The missile defense capability provided by the system at Fort Greely is critical to protecting our country against the threat of a long-range missile attack from North Korea or Iran. In 2009 I fought the Obama administration’s decision to deploy fewer ground-based interceptors and to decrease production, instead securing additional funding to sustain and operate the GMD system.  Today I continue to believe the administration has not committed the investments needed to support and improve the GMD system.  I have requested additional funding above the President’s proposal because I want to make sure Alaska stands ready to protect against an attack.

“Last year the administration reversed course and announced it intends to field 14 additional interceptors at Fort Greely by the end of 2017. These additional interceptors are absolutely crucial.  Today's result should further solidify the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) plan to deploy a Long Range Discrimination Radar in Alaska.  The MDA also plans to re-design the GMD Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle, which will improve its capability and reliability.  It is in our national security interest to move forward with the necessary investments in the ground-based interceptors currently deployed while simultaneously testing and fielding the additional interceptors.”

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