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Begich Opposes Sending Troops Back into Iraq


“It’s Time for Iraqis to take responsibility for their country”

U.S. Senator Mark Begich issued the following statement today in response to President Obama’s announcement that 300 U.S. troops are being sent to Iraq as military advisers. 

Begich is monitoring the situation closely and does not support sending more American troops into harm’s way in order to provide stability. 

“It is time for the Iraqi government to take responsibility for their country,” Begich said.  “Our troops made great sacrifices in Iraq and our nation is still dealing with the consequences of two costly wars.  As a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I’ve seen these consequences play out as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) struggles to accommodate the needs of 1.4 million new veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” 

Begich has long stated his objection to committing American troops to conflicts without clear and accomplishable objectives.

“The Iraqi government needs to step up to unite and stabilize its country, and we can't solve this problem for them,” Begich said. “Sending our troops back to Iraq would only put more lives at risk and add to our debt.  We need to focus on taking care of our veterans, and we need to get our fiscal house in order rather than rushing into another misguided war."

For more details and examples on Begich’s work issues of defense and national security visit his Senate website.

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