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Senator Kelly to Sponsor Legislation to Keep Voter Information Private


Bill will keep personal data confidential by banning signature collectors and State from selling information

FAIRBANKS-Senator Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, is sponsoring legislation to keep the names of those who sign initiatives and referendums private.

“We live in a world growing more intrusive by the day,” said Senator Kelly. “We do not need to see our Constitutional process subverted for political gain or criminal intent.  We can’t guarantee this bill will keep your identity safe, but hopefully we can reduce the ease with which individuals can sell fresh lists of Alaskan voter names and identifiers for nefarious purposes.”

Besides the obvious hassle resulting from internet marketers and scammers having your name, there are other more sinister concerns.  With big government agencies frantically compiling data on U.S. citizens, people should be very concerned about giving their names to strangers with clip boards.

“We see national efforts to target and harass individuals for having joined or participated in the political process,” said Senator Kelly. “It just seems to me that selling Initiative and Referendum signatures and identification information opens the door for misuse and mistrust.”

This bill can’t stop the political activists from spreading information around, but it can restrict the State from doing so.

“At best, this legislation will, have an effective date of mid-2014, so I encourage signers of the petitions to be careful; political operatives can purchase your information and as far as we know, after you sign the petition, your information is available to just about anyone.”

Senator Kelly will introduce the Legislation officially in when the Second Session of the 28th Legislature convenes on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014.

For more information, please contact Bruce Campbell in Senator Kelly’s office at (907) 451-4347.

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