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Sealaska Directors Appoint 2013–2014 Board Youth Advisor


Madeline Soboleff-Levy (left) and Alysha Guthrie.

PHOTO: Sealaska

BYA position provides meaningful leadership experience

JUNEAU, Alaska – Sealaska tribal member shareholder Alysha Guthrie of Sitka, Alaska has been selected as the 2013-2014 board youth advisor. The position was established in 2009 by the Sealaska board as an opportunity to help young Native leaders gain valuable board training and knowledge of Sealaska’s operations.

“I’m excited for the coming year,” said Guthrie. “I’m thankful for this opportunity to learn from the experience of the great leaders we have on the board. I believe in the vision that Sealaska has and the work that the board does. I look forward to my generation who will accomplish many great things standing on the founding built by our leaders, traditional scholars and our Native values.”

Guthrie is a full-time student at Durango, Colorado, and is seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing. She is currently participating in the Sealaska summer internship program. Guthrie succeeds Madeline Soboleff-Levy, who served as the 2012-2013 board youth advisor.

Soboleff-Levy encourages eligible college students who are Sealaska shareholders to apply for the position. She says her knowledge about Sealaska and its mission has broadened as a result of her term.

Hear more from Soboleff-Levy. She graduated from UCLA School of Law in May 2013. 

Sealaska’s board youth advisor position is a unique position among Alaska Native regional corporations. In addition to gaining leadership skills, each youth advisor receives an education scholarship of $2,500 after completion of the one-year term. Sealaska is driven by core Native values such as Haa Latseen, Tlingit for our strength. Providing opportunities for younger shareholders to understand Sealaska operations and experience discussion at the board level develops leadership among our youth and strengthens our people.

About Board Youth Advisor Position
Each year a college student is selected to serve as the Sealaska board youth advisor. This position is charged with providing a voice of Native youth to the 13-member board. The youth advisor serves a one-year term and will gain valuable boardroom experience. Eligibility includes being a Sealaska shareholder 18 to 29 years old, who has completed two years of college and meets qualifications of involvement in the Alaska Native community. View guidelines

Sealaska, Values In Action
Sealaska has strengthened business with culture since 1972. We are a Native institution owned by more than 21,000 tribal member shareholders whose core cultural values guide all that Sealaska does and represent the rich heritage of our Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. We live our values to build excellence in our Native enterprise and take action towards our purpose: to strengthen our people, culture and homelands.


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