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Pebble Bulletin - Pebble Means Good Jobs For Alaskans



Pebble Could Be A Critical Catalyst For Diversifying Alaska's Economy and Creating Jobs

  The Economic Value of The Pebble Project

What sort of economic and employment impacts could the Pebble Project deliver to Alaska? A detailed IHS Global Insight study reveals the potential for truly significant economic benefits statewide. Considering factors such as:

  • an estimated $1 billion annual operating budget,
  • a five-year construction phase that could generate $400 million annually in economic contributions to the state,
  • and tax receipts to the local Lake & Peninsula Borough in the range of $29 million to $33 million during initial production (a sum that would increase the Borough's annual budget by more than 600% annually)...

...Alaska is looking at an important project that could benefit everyone economically.

And there's a lot more information to consider. We've put together a summary brochure that you can download and review as well.  Click here for additional details...


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